July 22, 2016

Our Team

At the heart of our operations is our core team – the partners! Both graduates of the premier business school the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), have corporate work experience of 20 plus years each, they complement each others as both pursued different careers. One has made a name for himself in the field of “Human Resources” & “Finance” and the other in “Sales, Distribution and Product Management”.

Helping and guiding them are our “board of advisors” – industry leaders in there respective fields, although not part of the company, but there to guide us through business terrains as and when required.

Our philosophy to staffing is different – we believe in hiring resources which have the necessary skill sets & experience to match your business needs and requirements. Therefore we do not have a permanent team as such which is then utilized for all our customers, as we believe a one size fits all solution is at best a compromise. And we don’t believe in compromises!