July 22, 2016

WiN Associates

Our objective is simple –

help distribute and sell your products in Pakistan! 

We believe strongly about the potential Pakistan markets have to offer. But to tap this potential you need channel partners who understand how the markets work, who have the capacity and skills to look beyond the obvious. From commodity products to exclusive high end products, there is market for everything in Pakistan. You just need the right channel and partners to understand the potential and make products available in a manner and place where the opportunity comes knocking.

This is where we come in – as your channel partners, we will make your products available at the right place, in the right manner, at the right time and right price. Think of us as your business partners and not just a distribution channel, as will work with you to grow your business and not just stock your products.

We are not a typical distribution or trading company. We are committed professionals with a vision to bring the same quality products to consumers in Pakistan that consumers in more developed nations take for granted.

If you are looking for business partners and not just stockists / traders, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can or cannot be of service to you in distributing your products in Pakistan.