July 22, 2016


Our objective is simple –

help you establish and grow your business in Pakistan! 

We believe strongly about the potential Pakistan markets have to offer. But to tap this potential you need to look beyond the headlines, and as they say, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.  Or in other words, have your own team on ground in Pakistan.

This is easier said then done. With the way the world economy is in these days, having your own team on ground, in a country not always portrayed of the most positive manner, needs solid justification backed with solid sales data. A perfect catch 22 situation- to grow business you need your team on ground, to get people on ground you need a solid sales track record!

A company with presence in Pakistan is always held in a higher esteem than one marketing or selling through distribution channel. This is where we come in – as your representatives, we are your virtual presence in Pakistan up at a fraction of cost that is associated with a subsidiary office.

Areas, where we feel we can make a contribution are

  • provide input, in shape of consultancy,  for your business’s Pakistan strategy, business plans, distribution strategy etc.
  • develop and manage Business Development and Marketing Solutions specific to your business
  • provide market information in the shape of Market Research, Surveys, Customer feedback etc.
  • develop and manage a Distribution Network specific to your business
  • develop and manage a Customer Support network

If your particular needs are not covered above, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss what if we can or cannot be of service to you.